The Photon Connection 1982 - Rediscovered 2021

Friday, May 14, 2021

1982 - The Making of the Photon Connection (STC Road Show. Faraday Lecture 1982-1983)


STC were invited to present the 1982–1983 IEE Faraday Lecture which was entitled The Photon Connection. It was about how light (specifically fibre optics) would transform how we communicated in 'the future'.

Richard Harvey

2 months ago

I've often wondered if this could count as the greatest piece of industrial theatre ever.  The lighting and set designer was Richard Pilbrow who is one of the greatest lighting designers of all time.  The script editor was Brian Redhead who was the leading journalist of his day and led BBC Radio 4 today programme for many years.  I remember the programme listing Benny Ball as the Chief Electrician when, at the time, I think he was the Chief Lighting designer at The Royal Court Theatre.  I cannot ever recall seeing such an illustrious creative or technical team involved with a technical lecture.  I assume it was unbelievably expensive