USITT at Long Beach

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great annual conference at Long Beach . . . so many old friends . . . and so many passionate young theatre people —make it a joy.

TPC receives two Architectural Awards: an Honor Award for the incredible, ultra-flexible Wyly Theatre in Dallas; and a Merit for the super-watery spectacle, House of Dancing Waters in Macau. This brings our USITT total to a record-breaking 35. What’s more, this year, three other awards went to TPC Alumnae: CharcoalBlue (RSC Stratford), Tim Foster Architect (Parabola), and Robert Long of Theatre Consultants Collaborative (Francis Marion University.)

Dawn Chiang, Hideaki Tsutsui and I give a talk on “Being a Lighting Assistant” to a packed room; and as a closer to the conference, Tony Walton and I have “A Conversation.” Again a full and appreciative house, and then we both sell books! SOLD OUT for A THEATRE PROJECT, and lots of business for Tony’s new splendid USITT-published monograph. And I’m given a present!!!!