The Water Spectacular Courtesy of Light & Sound America

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Theatre Projects Designs New The House of Dancing Water Venue Opening in Macau

After five years in development and HK$2 billion spent to create and produce The House of Dancing Water, a new spectacular extravaganza will premiere on September 17 at City of Dreams, Macau. Produced and directed by Franco Dragone, the production - the world''s largest water-based show - is housed in a 1,985-seat theatre designed by Theatre Projects Consultants. Theatre Projects has been integrally involved in the design of the project with Pei Partnership Architects and producer Franco Dragone Entertainment Group.

At 160 feet in diameter and 26 feet deep, the theatre features the world''s largest commercial pool, holding 3.7 million gallons of water. Eight ten-ton hydraulic elevators allow the conversion of the 65-foot diameter center performance area from water to a solid floor, and high-speed overhead winches move performers and scenery through space in a 3-D visual ballet.

Theatre Projects played a central role in creating an intimate audience experience through a sweeping 270-degree design plan that allows the audience an up-close and personal perspective of the performance. Entering from above, the rows descend toward the pool, with the first row situated at water level. With this circus-based theatre-in-the-round style, Theatre Projects [led by TPC designer, Brian Hall] was able to use geometry to create that sense of intimacy on a heroic scale.

"Our mission to enhance and inspire the connection between audience and performer in all of our projects throughout the world has now found its way to the magical waters of The House of Dancing Water," said Jules Lauve, project director for Theatre Projects. [TPC Associate Dawn Chiang was resident supervisor for 12 months on-site]

Overcoming the challenges associated with immersing state-of-the-art theatrical equipment into water and the impact of almost a full atmosphere of underwater pressure, Theatre Projects'' team succeeded in bringing the artistic vision of Dragone and the architectural concept of Pei to life.

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