CANDIDA at the Irish Repertory Theatre

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, despite being evidently too old, I ventured into a new world for me—off Broadway—with CANDIDA. Thanks (of course and yet again) to my mate, Tony Walton. He proved once more, that he’s not only a brilliant designer but an even more brilliant director!

The Irish Rep is a boldly ambitious organization, living in a very “cosy” and intimate theatre. Why, the lights are hung 12’6” high! And outside the large windows and backlit skycloth off left, there’s at least 24” of space for three layers of lighting.

Of course I used my favorite software, Eric Cornwell’s Virtual Magic Sheet that again proved the designer’s best friend. My electrician Jake McGuire and programmer Megan Peti, with a most handy crew, performed miracles. We were all supervised by a wondrous stage manager April Kline. Michael Gottlieb was my Associate Designer. reported “Richard Pilbrow memorably makes it appear as if the lighting comes from the gas lamps on the walls and in the third act set late in the evening the fireplace casts a warm glow in the darkly lit room.” Well, the lamps were meant to be oil, but the warm glow was true because, thanks to Tony, the walls were all backlit with LED’s.

David Barbour in Light and Sound America—Online News reported: “the Irish Rep is not a lighting designers dream, but Richard Pilbrow nevertheless manages some striking effects . . .” TheatreMania added: “Richard Pilbrow''s exquisite lighting design.”

Thank you Charlotte Moore and Ciaran O’Reilly . . . and Tony!

PS See photos by Heather Wolensky in my LIGHTING USA page